Believe What You Say, Do What You Believe or Change What You’re Singing

Jackie and I were in the car the other day and I let four words slip out of my mouth: “I don’t have the time.”

Yikes. If you’ve read anything I’ve written, odds are you’ve read my post on the cop out of time.

Of course I’ve got the time. I knew better. It was just a lot easier to say blame it on time instead of my inability to prioritize or my inability to admit that the priorities I had chosen just didn’t allow for the ones I was saying are important.

This particular conversation was about exercise, but it could’ve been about writing, being a husband, or being a leader. It wouldn’t have made a difference what it was about, the lesson was that I let my pride get in the way.

If your priorities don’t match up with what you say they are, change what you say. If it really bothers you that they don’t match up, change what you do. Either way, make time for what you believe is most important, pursue it, and do it unapologetically.

Huffington Post Article: You May Never Become A Developer

I had the honor of writing my first article for the Huffington Post on finding your path and pursuing it with every fiber of your being:

“You may never become a programmer, but I hope you choose to give it a shot. If you decide at some point it’s not for you, choose to try something else. Repeat the cycle until you find your passion. Choose to pursue it. Make time for it.”

Read the whole article “You May Never Become A Programmer” on Huffington Post.

What’s Your Lollipop Moment?

Yesterday I listened to this TED talk on the way home and it hit me pretty hard.

Drew Dudley explains that the title of leader shouldn’t be set aside for those extraordinary few who create monolithic events, organizations or communities, but that leaders are simply people who create lollipop moments in the lives of others.

A lot of times I feel like I have to strive to be one of those extraordinary few, when I overlook the little things, like truly listening in a conversation, unintentionally helping others connect or sharing a nugget of truth.

There were two questions that really felt like I needed to lay into my life framework:

  • What am I doing to make room for possible lollipop moments?
  • What lollipop moments have I not thanked others for creating in my life?

Take 6 minutes to watch this and let the truth of it soak in.

Who Cares What You Have To Say?

This question was once a driving force in my life and I finally realized: What everyone else had to say or think about what I had to say or think shouldn’t have been a factor as to whether I expressed it.

Write. Speak. Express Your Thoughts. Do so knowing that at best there is high achievement and at worst you failed daring greatly. Continue reading

Startup Vitamins Review & Giveaway

Startup Vitamins has quickly become my go-to source for coffee mugs, T-shirts and posters with inspirational business and startup quotes. Read on for a 30% off coupon and a chance to win a mug of your choice! Continue reading

Sometimes I have to just say “No”

Like anyone else, I have a lot of things going on. Between work, home and my personal time, I have to carve out time to do anything else. That’s not to say I don’t have it, but I have to be intentional about how I spend it. This means having to say “Thank you, but I can’t help with that right now”. Continue reading